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Some of the most notable work over the past decade include the following.


  • Setup, by Rui Horta
  • Bones and Oceans, by Rui Horta
  • Flatland Trilogy, by Patricia Portela. Winner of the Gulbenkian Prize
  • Especial Nada, by Joao Garcia Miguel
  • Burgher King Lear, by Joao Garcia Miguel. Winner of the Fad Gasch Prize for Best Play in 2008
  • The Fashion. Opera at Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Dusseldorf
  • The Maids, directed by Joao Garcia Miguel
  • The Anarchist Banker, by Joao Garcia Miguel
  • The Banquet, by Patricia Portela
  • Local Geographic, by Rui Horta
  • Metamorphosis, by Arthur Pita for The Royal Ballet /Royal Opera House, London. Winner of the South Bank Award for Best Dance Piece
  • Historias do Bosque de Viena, by Tonan Quito
  • The Outcast. Opera by Olga Neuwirth directed by Michael Simon for the National Theater Mannheim
  • State of Exception by Rui Horta
  • Coelacanth, by Alan Oyen for the National Ballet of Norway (nominated for 4 Hedda awards including best play)
  • Kes,  by Jonathan Watkins for The Crucible Theatre Sheffield
  • Memory Machine, by Stephanie Thiersch for Mouvoir /Tanzhaus Dusseldorf
  • E Moreram Felizes Para Sempre. An immersive theatre piece by Nuno Moreira, nominated as best play at the 2016 Portuguese Golden Globes
  • Jingle Horse, by Alan Oyen for The National Ballet of Norway
  • The Hamlet Complex by Alan Oyen for The National Ballet of Norway


  • Viuva Rica, Solteira não Fica, by Zé Fonseca e Costa (feature)
  • Frequent Traveller. Short film by Patricia Bateira
  • Call Girl, by Antonio Pedro Vasconcelos (feature)
  • Equador, directed by André Cerqueira (tv)
  • Noiva Precisa-se, by Jorge Cardoso/Ricardo Inacio (tv movie)
  • The Hunchback, by Gabriel Abrantes. Winner of best National short at Indie Lisboa 2016
  • Ride like a girl, by Rachel Grippiths
  • Judy and Punch, by Mirrah Foulkes